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Hello my friends, my name is Mimi and I would like to personally thank you for viewing my web-site.

Where to start?.... Okay, what is sick suppose to look/act like?...... I have chosen not to succumb or identify myself by the medical conditions I have been diagnosed with and the bumps in my path.

As a young child I was constantly ill, and the physicians could not figure out why one child out of four children would continuously get sick.  By the time one doctor found the cause of my problems I was 15 1/2 years old.  At that moment the doctor said I had six-months to live.  I was diagnosed with a Congenital IGA Deficiency (my entire immune system is compromised), Acute Asthma, A Heart Murmur, and Acute Environmental and Drug Allergies.  After I surpassed the six-month prognosis, the doctors claimed that I would not live into my twenties.

Through all the medical procedures I continued to have an abundance of positive energy flowing through my spirit, and I never felt like giving up.  Everything began at birth and continued through age 22; from age 20-22 I received home I.V.'s and home care.  A normal life for me consisted of hospitals, doctor's visits, and not attending school regularly. I missed a lot of grammar school, most of middle school, and all but one month of high school.  The positive energy and out-look I have, I contribute to Source (Cosmos/God/Higher-Power/Universal Spirit).  I knew in my soul all of this was part of my path, and regardless of the bumps along the way I would make my dreams and aspirations a reality someday. 

As I surpassed my prognosis of death at age 15 1/2, then again at age 20, I began to show signs of other medical conditions.  These conditions consisted of: Systemic Lupus, Raynaud's, Sjogren's, Three Heart Conditions (SVT - PVC - Junctional Rythm), Hypoclycemia, Arthritis, Low Blood Pressure, Mini-Stoke (2002) and the occasional Shingles Break-out. I continue to live with all of the medical conditions, however, I am currently in remission.

While journeying through these bumps many aspirations came to mind, but one aspiration stuck out the most.  That aspiration was to encourage all humans to never give up, and to encourage humans to embrace the full spectrum of Authentic Self while being a part of their own health/wellness [Mind-Body-Spirit] throughout their life.  Acknowledging that no one is immune to bumps, I want to remind all humans that one can choose to participate in their own life and make the changes needed to accomplish all their life's aspirations, goals, and deepest desires into reality.  I'd like to encourage each human to seek the answers for their own path of life. Ask questions, research all aspects of Self and wellness, and come to your own conclusion about mind, body, and spirit. Each human is an important part of the universal conectedness of human kind. 

Personal Thought:

A personal perspective I believe that everyone has a reason to be here on this earth/realm of being.  I also believe that each human can touch the lives of others in amazing ways.  Even if someone is not aware they are influencing/touching another persons life, they may still be doing so.  For Example: If someone gives up on their life's purpose to listening to others expectations or succumb to societal pressure, where will that leave the people they were meant to touch and help along the way?  I believe that if a human gives up [by remaining in an unfulfilled relationship, job, environment, or situation] not only will it alter their fate, but it may alter the fate of someone they were supposed to touch along the way.  I'd like to encourage all humans to never give up on manifesting their spirits purpose and path.  If one cannot find the courage to make the changes needed to follow their passion and purpose for Self, do it for someone you might need to encounter and encourage [be the example] in one way or another along your journey of life.

In addition, I'd like to suggest that along the journey through life try to get to know people for who they are inside and not just for their status in life, their appearance, their religious beliefs or the color of their skin.  Try not to assume you know who anyone is without actually sitting down,talking with each person, and really taking time to get to know each person. Try to remember it is okay to move away from negativity and people who make you feel less than; Do not get caught up in other peoples drama and chaos.  It is also okay to move away from negative people: Family, Friends, Partners, or other because if you do not it can keep you stuck in unhealthy situations and prevent you from manifesting your spirit/soul purpose.  Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and your purpose so you may manifest your Authentic Self and manifest your journey into reality.

     * Systemic Lupus
     * Congenital Immune Deficiency
     * Sjogren's Syndrome
     * Premature Ventricular Contractions (Heart)
     * Supraventricular Tachycardia (Heart)
     * Junctional Rythm (Heart)
     * Hypoglycemia
     * Acute Asthma
     * Raynaud's Disease
     * Shingles
     * Severe Environmental Allergies
     * Low Blood Pressure
     * Dry Eyes
     * Mini Stroke
     * Sleep Apnea (Mild to Moderate and missing stages 3 and 4 completely)

The United States has a rising population of uninsured citizens, and the Medi-Cal / Medicaid system is now denying payments for doctor's visits, medications, and many surgical procedures.  Furthermore, the Medi-Cal / Medicaid systems may stifle the growth of the citizens on these plans.  In addition, due to the stringent rules applied to these systems, and the lack of options available to these citizens, society labels them as a drain on society.

Is it possible to turn Medi-Cal into an insurance company for people with multiple medical complications, those who are terminally / chronically ill, the elderly, low income citizens and the uninsured?  Would it help society to do so?

Universal health care would be the ultimate answer to this problem. However, until this is possible I propose that Medi-Cal reform their policy and become a type of insurance for the people who don't qualify for medical insurance, which  includes the ill, elderly, low income citizens and uninsured.  In my proposal Medi-Cal, referred to as government insurance, would be subsidized partially by the government.

The government would process all claims as if it were an insurance company. Through this process the government would make sure that physicians would accept at least a minimal amount of government-insured patients.  Once a person qualifies for this government insurance program they will not be kicked off or squeezed out by rising prices. However if a person is found using the program unlawfully their policy will be evaluated and can be terminated permanently.

The process would have the eligible citizens fill out paperwork at the beginning of each year agreeing to choose a sliding scale option 1, 2, or 3 (Option one being the original Medi-Cal / Medicaid system).

          Option one would allow full original benefits, which would include monthly income and full medical benefits (the maximum for each citizen who needs the benefits) with no premium or co-payment.  This would be for the person who has had a rough time and is out of remission and deep into their condition/disease. It is very common for the chronically ill to come in and out of remission.  This option would also cover elderly people who are unable to help care for themselves and needs assistance.  This level is reserved for those who have medical complications and the elderly only.  this is a brief example of the original process of hte Medi-Cal / Medicaid system.

          In option two the medically challenged citizen could work (make up to $30,000.00 a year) and still be eligible to get government insurance.  At this level the individual would have a low premium payment and a low co-payment for each doctor visit, prescriptions and hospital visits.  The premium would be a sliding scale option and the co-payment would be $15.00 to $20.00 for doctor visits and $5.00 for prescriptions.  Here the government would save money because they would not be paying out a monthly income to the citizens that would otherwise collect S.S.I., SDI and Welfare.  Instead, the government would receive a low premium payment each month for citizens in this category.  This option would allow medically challenged (elderly, medically challenged and low-income citizens) to carry medical coverage and still be able to contribute more to society.

          Option three would be similar to option two, except the citizen would be able to make above $30,000.00 per year and still receive the government insurance.  Here the government, on a sliding scale, would charge a premium plus a low co-payment for doctor visits, prescriptions and hospital visits.  This option could be for everyone from the elderly that don't want to retire but cannot work full time, to the low-income worker who wants to strive for a better quality of life as well as the medically challenged citizen that aspires to better them self without the fear of losing their medical coverage.

     At the beginning of the year each person would choose which section they would like to strive for: option 1, 2, or 3.  From that point until the end of the period, which would be one year, the citizen would have to stick to that option.  For example: say a citizen opted for level 2 and sixth months into the year they relapsed, they would still remain in option 2 until the next option period.  However, there would have to be an emergency clause.  This clause would only go into affect by the citizen's doctor with a written letter stating that it was an emergency situation and that the patient needed to be pt into option 1 immediately.  At tat time to minimize paperwork the person would have to stay in option 1 for up to one year.

     This idea/proposal would reduce the stigma that is placed on each of the citizens who are medically challenged, elderly, low-income and uninsured making these citizens better equipped to take care of them self and contribute to society through working and paying taxes.  In options 2 and 3 the government would not be paying any monthly income support to citizens.  In fact, in option 2 and 3 the government would be getting paid through the low premium payments.

     In addition, any assets (house, car, spouses income) should not be used to penalize a citizen or used as part of their assets. Example: currently if a citizen owns their own house or has a savings account they have to deplete their assets before they are eligible for help.  With this new program a citizen would not be penalized for owning their own house, car or having a savings account.

     This process would make citizens want to go out and find way to improve their life rather than be scared to move because they are afraid of losing or not having medical coverage.  This idea may help society break some stereotypical barriers and allow society to view humans as humans.  This will also help the self-esteem of society and allow the medically challenged, elderly, uninsured and low-income citizens fell better about their contribution toward society.

     Another asset of this idea is that the insurance companies would still be around for the citizens that already have their service and it would to infringe on anyone's profits, including the profits that are given to the government, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies.  Not only will this help everyone involved it may even help increase the amount of money deposited into Social Security.  Through all the newly employed citizens this idea should cover and protect everyone without stepping on toes along the way.  Without the concerns of health care, society will be more relaxed and have time to work together on other serious problems in our society.  If everyone had insurance it would improve the overall health of society, contributing to a more positive outlook toward each individual and lessen the stress that is flowing through society.

     If you do not have insurance and are trying to figure out how the current system works feel free to contact Judd Matsunaga.  He read over my idea/proposal and thought it was good.  Judd helps people with Medi-Cal, Medicaid/Medicare and Living Trusts. http://www.matsunagalaw.com

Idea/Proposal Constructed By: Mimi A.

Positive Energy Wellness Project Does Not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, it is merely an information resource site.  This site does not endorse any resource and releases all liability connected to any information provided.  Please always inform and consult with your doctor before implementing any new regiment.