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A Positive Attitude and Gratitude mixed with 'Mutual Human Respected' for a happy life.

Founder: Mimi

This site is built to encourage all humans to embrace the full spectrum of their Authentic Self, and to participate in their own wellness.  I strongly encourage everyone to get to know his or her own mind, body, and spirit.  No one can know ones mind, body, and spirit better than thy Self.  Begin by researching all aspects of wellness: nutritionally, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  During your exploration of self speak with your doctor, mentor, life coach, counselor and spiritual counselor to outline options for a personalized health, and wellness plan.

I also encourage everyone to move away from negativity in all forms [people, relationships, environments, and situations]. Understand it is okay to move away from family, friends, partners, jobs, environments, and situations that are negative and make you feel less than.  Surround Self with positive people who believe in you and your spirit/soul purpose.

Additionally, try to always remain inquisitive about everything, and continuously ask two questions. Remember the answers to these two questions are flux and subject to change as each human matures and evolves:

        * Who am I?
        * What do I want?

The goals of the Positive Energy Wellness Project is to:

Encourage self advocacy; Stand up for Self and ones Life Purpose and Passion

Encourage others to move away from negativity and toward the positive [Law of Attraction]

Encourage others to Know their worth and value Self

Encourage people to move away from unhealthy people/situations [family/partners/friends]

Encourage others to be a part of their own health and wellness plan [Mind/Body/Spirit]

Encourage inquisitiveness by providing resource sites for exploration


Positive Energy Wellness Project Does Not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, it is merely an information resource site.  This site does not endorse any resource and releases all liability connected to any information provided.  Please, always inform and consult with your doctor before implementing any new regiment.