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Be sure to check with your doctor about any of the following resources before taking action. I am simply providing more resources to those who seek more information. I am only trying to help inform people of the options that are out there.


5P-syndrom: Links

Addison's : Links

A.I.D.S. : Links

A.L.S. : Links

Alzheimers : Links

Anemia : Links

Arthritis : Links

Asthma : Links

Autism : Links 

Bipolar : Links

Cancer : Links

Cancer Helper:Links

Cholesterol :Links

Chronic Pain : Links

Crohn's Disease : Links

Depression : Links

Diabetes : Links

Eating Disorders : Links

ENBs: Links


Endometriosis : Links

Epidermolysis Bullosa EB : Links

Epilepsy and Seizures : Links

Frontotemporal Dementias: Links

Glutaric Acidemia Type I: Links

GrandMal Seizures : Links

Hearing Impaired : Links

Heart : Links

Hepatitis : Links

HIV : Links

Hypoglycemia : Links

Immune Deficiency : Links

Kidney Disease : Links

Liver Disease : Links

Lung Disease : Links

Lupus : Links

Lyme: Links

M.S. : Links

Menopause : Links

Migraine : Links

National Institute of Mental Health: Links

Organic Acidemia: Links

Osteoporosis : Links

Parkinsons Disease : Links

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): Links

Pompe: Links

Pulmonary Fibrosis : Links

Pustular Psoriases: Links

Rare Disorders : Links

Raynaud's : Links

Schizophrenia : Links

Seeing Impaired : Links

Siklsel Anemia : Links

Sjogrens : Links

Suicide : Links

Alternative Resources:

Acupunture : Links

Beyond Health: Links

Body Wise : Links 

Bowen Therapy Technique: Links 

Callahan Techique: Links

Cancer: Links

Candida Cleansing: Links

Chelation Therapy: Links

Chios Energy Healing : Links

Chiropractic: Links

Colon Therapy: Links

Craniosacral Therapy: Links

Crystals and gemstones :  Links

Detoxification and Cleansing: Links

Dr. eddy Clinic: Links 

Drug Rehab: Links

Energetic Rebalancing: Links

Exercise : Links

Feldenkrais: Links

Gentle Wind Project: Links

Hakomi: Links

Healing Touch: Links

Health Line: Links

Healthy Food Choices : Links

Healthy Healing : Links 

Hellerwork: Links

Herbal healing : Links

Herbal Medicine: Links

Homeopathic Medicine: Links

Holistic Healing : Links

Iridology: Links

Kinesiology: Links

Magnetic Field Therapy: Links

Message Therapy: Links

Music Therapy: Links

National Center for complementary and alternative medicine : Links

Naturopathic Doctors: Links

Neuro-Emotional Technique: Links

Organic Information: Links

Orthomolecular Medicine: Links

Osteopathic Medicine: Links

Reflexology : Links

Reiki: Links

Rolfing: Links

Rosen Method:Links

Sunlight Therapy: Links

Total Integration Therapy: Links

Trager Approach: Links

Other helpful Web Sites:

David Wolfe: Links

Dream Mood: Links 

Dr. Rath: Links 

Eat Well Guide: Links

Kevin Fights Back: Links

Life Force: Links

Mercola: Links

Natural Cures: Links

Person Sinc: Links

Sun Food: Links

The Real Essentials: Links

The Truth: Links

The Whistle Blower: Links

To Life: Links

What the Bleep: Links

Wolf Clinic: Links

Hospitals and clinics:

Children Miracle Network : Links

Cancer Center :Links

Domestic and Sexual abuse Centers : Links

Drug and Alcohol abuse Centers : Links

Eating Disorder Centers : Links

St. Judes Children's Hospital : Links


Alcohol Abuse : Links

Child Abuse : Links

Domestic abuse & Sexual Assault : Links

Drug Abuse : Links

Rape & Incest Abuse : Links


Easter-Seals : Links

Make a Wish : Links

Polly Klaas : Links

Jerry's Kids : Links

Michael J. Fox : Links

Christopher Reeves : Links

Osteoporosis Foundation : Links

Services :

MedicAlert: Links 

Medical Alarms: Links 

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Linques : Links

Positive Energy Wellness Project Does Not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, it is merely an information resource site.  This site does not endorse any resource and releases all liability connected to any information provided.  Please, always inform and consult with your doctor before implementing any new regiment.